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Have you ever been in a situation where you return home empty handed from a medical store which ran out of your medicine or the store in your vicinity has a pretty odd timing to cater to your emergency needs? Well, we understand and know how critical it is for patients to have their medication on time, and acknowledge how much it means to get medicine for chronic illnesses available round the clock or the emergency medication at the hour of need. Easy internet accessibility for the masses has been the solution to many problems, especially where it involves bridging the gap between the consumer and facilitator; imagine a web-portal serving your medical needs. Yes it is very much possible;infact Manddo.commakes it possible.

We host a wide range of prescription medicines and other healthcare products available online at the click of a button, you can order your requirement and that will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours at max.Besides vitamin supplements, common antibiotics, pain relievers and other over the counter drugs that do not require hand written prescription from medical practitioners, the stock on our website also abounds in rare categories like medicine to control blood pressure as well asother heart troubles, plasma expanders that used in treatment of blood insufficiency, CNS stimulant that acts on human nervous system,sedatives and other restricted (Schedule-H) varieties on forwarding valid prescription for the same.

There’s more to it; not just medicines from all genre of healthcare, we have an alternative option available that is no less effective, absolutely safe and suits any budget to have a prolonged treatment to recover from your ailments.At manddo.com you can choose between generic and expensive medicines; compare, consult and buy them only if you’re convinced.

  • Our initiative hugely supports the modern day responsible citizens, especially the working mothers, the old and disabled as well the people who had to take care of their loved ones from afar. Taking care of all your medication supply from time to time is just a click away; very much affordable and certainly dependable.