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We are the revolutionaries, with the vow to change the usual healthcare approach for better. manddo.com is synonymous to a fair chance at life; it’s quick and yet offer quality, quite inexpensively. We serve a social cause with the best expertise in medical field, dedicated health care and quality treatment powered by latest techniques that helps in recovery from varied clinical conditions. It’s accessible from every nook and corner; literally from anywhere through out the stretch of human habitat. The best part, all of this comes at a reasonable expense that is definitely economical to suit everyone’s budget. Our effective strategy towards our dream of healthy & happy India, includes emphasis on the five "A’s" that are indeed the success key for sustainable health improvement of the general public.

  • AFFECTION –the backbone of healthcare profession.
    Affection stands at the top of our list without any real time involvement in direct healthcare program; we firmly prioritize “affection” as it’s the sole reason that we’ve come forward to the call of humanity. Throughour digitally designed online platform we offer quality healthcare that aids millions of people who suffer from diseases, disorders or ailments throughout the country. With Manddo.com no one will be deprived of critical care or emergency medical services. Our initiative means the most to the bedridden or the patients residing at one of the most remote location,as they are spared off their troubles for going to clinics or pharmacies.
  • AVAILABLITY – involves quality and quantity the whole time.
    Location or time does not affect our availability.Wherever there is a wireless network and connectivity we reach out to people to help them in their fight against ailments; Manddo.com is your one point solution to entire medical and healthcare needs. Our online medical store section enables to check the availability of recommended medicines with just the swap of a finger on any internet enabled electronic device; Very easy to operate, for patient themselves, or anyone taking care of the patient’s medical supplies can use our featured services and products swiftly, with or without the knowledge of medical terminologies and other treatment know how. Not just our stocks are vast but also include alternate generic medication, all authentic and effective drugs put on display for you to select from and order as per your prescription. Register at Manddo.com to stop wasting time and energy in running from counter to counter at the hour of need.
AFFORDABLITY- health solutions that fit into your pocket.

Any comfort comes with a price tag; but healthcare is basic life support and every living soul is supposed to get that in-time without much trouble. Loser, winner, saint or sinner; be it rich or poor as far as they can connect to internet, we will ensure they are linked to proper health facilities. Our services and commodities do not bore a hole in your pocket; doctor consultation, medical surveillance, basic medicines and life supports are certainly affordable for everyone at Manddo.com.

  • ACCESSIBLITY- opens up new possibilities.
    Internet has enabled people to get connected from everywhere; further Advanced telecommunication technology and hi-tech gadgets has erased the limitation of accessibility. When you can indulge in e-shopping, earn by e-commerce, educate from e-learning and clear off your bills by e-payments why not use the same for crucial life saving supports? With this tempting idea we crafted the modern day e-healthcare. Loaded with easy to use features and no technical struggles, Manddo.com is designed to suit everyone. The best of medical professionals are enlisted here, simply click from anywhere anytime for consultation and clinical support. Be it a doctor, a surgeon or nursing assistant we have it all. Not to worry about the diagnostics associated with any treatment plan, we’ve got it all figured out; our website will link you to countless pathological labs and reputed diagnostic centers in your locality. As an aid to emergencies we also facilitate connecting you to nearest ambulance service to not waste time unnecessarily at critical hours. Further the SOS feature automatically pings to your dear ones and certainly to the doctor you’re consulting; the moment you click on any emergency services. Also our special option: virtual blood bank line-up people with same blood group from nearby, who are willing to donate instantly to save a precious life. Plus the vault and reminder makes life easy. Go paper-less by uploading all your documents pertaining to your medical history and treatment plan; you simply need to login to access them anytime from anywhere. The reminder service is an add on to look after your clinical re-fills stringently; set in a schedule and it will ring an alarm to remind you of ordering new lot of medicines, perhaps a clinical appointment.
  • ASSURANCE– click the cure, rest assured.
    Driven by the cause of serving ailing humankind; Manddo.com assures to provide you with speedy medical care, authentic medicines and advanced healthcare facilities, in a complete hassle-free way time and again.