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Know your doctor before you choose.

The most integral member of the healthcare fraternity; doctors shape the worlds as you know it today by serving millions in their fight against ailments. But sadly there are more the number of patients than all the doctors can actually treat at a time, plus there are localities that you call remote lag specialized doctor and steadfast medical care. So are they going to be deprived of basic healthcare? Will there be mortality in rural India owing to unavailability of sufficient doctors? Surely the government is doing its part in reviving the adverse condition, but an online platform facilitating doctor consultation does much more, definitely speedily and reaches out to the farthest; A Manddo.com initiative towards better heath.

Our healthcare agenda: Manddo.com ensures you consultation of a good doctor; if you’ve got a cell phone signal and able to access internet we are just a click away.

Our humanitarian agenda: we are determined that no souls have to suffer the penance of chronic ailment due to unaffordability or timely availability of adequate medical amenities.

What’s the catch?

You don’t fix an appointment; at Manddo.com you get the actual consultation. In addition you have the privilege to choose a doctor from the specific medical subdomain enlisted on the website that corresponds to your illness. Be it the matter of conjecture in vessels that supply to your heart or orthopedic treatment of your bones; from the ear, nose, throat specialist to child care expert we’ve got it all. Each of the options is provided with their respective designation, proficiency and achievements for you to decide on whether or not you want to consult the one. Dissatisfied with the doctor you’re currently consulting? Don’t get stuck, you always have plenty others to consider; just click for a change. Besides the plethora of expert doctors, all your medical history can be stored under your personal medical file on our website for you to access anytime; upload diagnostic reports and previous prescription issued from in person visit at your local healthcare facility.

  • Manddo.com serves you in having your own healthcare advocate, on a resolute to frame a 100% effective treatment plan to heal you off your medical condition rapidly.